PAM with Radius Authentication

PAM Radius Module allows any PAM-capable machine to become a RADIUS client for authentication and accounting requests. The actual authentication will be performed by a RADIUS server. The freeradius can be used for radius server.

Download the PAM Radius Module

To download the PAM Radius module, click here.

Installing & configuring PAM Radius Module

To install PAM radius module, give the following commands:

[root@rahul-pc]# tar -xvf pam_radius-1.3.17.tar.gz

[root@rahul-pc]# cd pam_radius-1.3.17

[root@rahul-pc]# make

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7 thoughts on “PAM with Radius Authentication

  1. Hi i have some doubt, i followed the above steps, how to check weather my pam radius is running or not, do we need to restart after config

    • It was long ago, I had worked on it. But what I am remembering that PAM setting don’t need reboot. You may initiate another login session which will authenticate from radius.

      • Thanks for your reply 🙂
        Am new to this pam_radius, can you please tell me how can i initiate access-request message from pam_client

  2. My scenario:
    1. Am running open free-radius as a server.
    2. i need to initiate a access-request packet, so i taught of using pam_client to generate a radius request for that server.
    i followed the above steps to configure, but still no access-requests are going out, After configuring pam_radius is any binary process will generate,can i grep that process using ps -aef | grep pam ??? command

    • Which Linux version are you using? Above is written as per CentOS 5. I am not sure if it will work, exactly as written, in any other Linux version. There may some changes in the path of pam library and pam configuration file. You may need to explore as per your Linux version.

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